Regina Bittencourt

IT Consultant and Artist
Santiago, Chile

Regina’s work reflects the beauty of mathematics. The work is handmade, full of colors and carefully planned. She works with a variety of media that reflect her interest in jewelry, painting and embroidery.

Her artwork is an attempt to express the inherent beauty of the highly conceptual field of mathematics.

The Four-Color Simple Perfect Squared Square
The Four-Color Simple Perfect Squared Square
50 x 50 cm
Acrylics on canvas

This artwork mixes two mathematical problems:
It is a Simple Perfect Squared Square of order 21, colored using the Four-Color Map Theorem.

The 21 squares are of different sizes that make it perfect; and simple because no subset of the squares forms a rectangle or a square.

The Four-Color Map Theorem states that any map in a plane can be painted using four colors, so that regions sharing a common boundary do not share the same color.