David Zoch

clarksville Maryland USA
The framework that I use to create the art is currently not interactive. It takes 5 to 20 seconds to create each image. And the process is currently not predictable. Occasionally, I am rewarded with an interesting movie sequence like some of those in my Bridges submission, or a perhaps once-in-a-lifetime image like movie 14 frame #400. I am still at the WOW, LOOK AT THIS !!! stage and have not performed a detailed analysis yet. My start in computer-related graphics was about 3 years ago when I did some work making art out of the analytical solution to differential equations. Look for "heatv28" on YouTube to see my first presentation of that work complete with primitive graphics. These videos and other information (e.g., a Processing version of ENDLESS TWISTED ART) can be found on the YouTube channel "TwistedArt" (one word). or here https://youtu.be/9Y9D0FSXLn0
A Splash of Color
A Splash of Color
Math / Visuals / Production -- David Zoch ; Music courtesy of Apple / iMovie
I have not surveyed the Internet completely :-) but I have looked at a few images done by generative art systems. I have not seen any images like these so I am assuming there is something unique about the process that generates the images. This animation consists of selected frames generated using equation set 14 with various sequences of frame numbers (frames between -500 and +500 were used). The image of concentric circles is frame # 0. There are "splashes" going from negative to positive and splashes going from positive to negative. The animation slows to highlight frames -500 and +500. ENDLESS ART, to summarize, is a "tornado rotation" (rotating the outside faster or slower than the inside) pausing after calculating the rotated x value to apply arbitrary user functions to x and y, then using the altered x and y values in the standard equation for a 2D y-rotation ENDLESS ART is described further in the youtube movie "explainEndlessArt." https://youtu.be/hvlchtg9bkE