Gianluca Stasi

Architect, Activist, Artist, PhD Student at Architecture Faculty of the Universidad de Sevilla.
Seville, Spain
My research and practical experimentation around geometry explore the challenge to self build socially useful structures trough simple, inclusive and appropriable dynamics and locally harvested materials. This isn't incompatible with the apparent complexity of the proposed designs and with enchanting aesthetics. Those iconic geometries endow the process with the power to rise the self-esteem and contribute to community's identity through its direct involvement in their creation. Their presence in public spaces allow people to enjoy and appreciate the movements and the transformations of the patterns, and allows me to anonymously sit and enjoy the spontaneous debate about mathematics and geometries they promote.
Geodesic Geometries Workshop by Ctrl+Z (@34th EASA Festival)
Geodesic Geometries Workshop by Ctrl+Z (@34th EASA Festival)
Video credits: Video editing by Ctrl+Z. Timelap by Mario Meshkov and Martin Angelov. Drone sequence by Music by Bashboomb.
Geodesic Geometries Workshop directed by Gianluca Stasi (Ctrl+Z). 8 meters dome built with Brujodesic™ design. Veliko Tarnovo, Symбиоза - 34th European Architecture Students Assembly Festival. Students / builders: Afonso Miranda (Portugal), Alexandr Tîbari (Moldavia), Alina Sidarevich (Belarus), Ana Bertol (Spain), Anna Maslova (Russia), Cecile Vendeuvre (France), Elizaveta Chuhlantseva (Russia), Eva Logonder (Slovenia), Marcela Raczova (Slovakia), Marco Simsioe (Finland), Nastya Belousova (Russia), Sandra Hurek (Poland), Victoria Paeva (Bulgaria). With the help of: Nedyalko Yordanov, Mario Mesjkov, Georgi Komsalov, Martin Angelov. Special thanks to all members Easa Bulgaria Team. Sponsored by: Istituto Italiano di Cultura Sofia, Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Sevilla. Special thanks to "La colpa è di Mazzone" creative crowdofounding action. Complete information: