Andrea Capozucca

Researcher in Complexity Science, Maths and Physics Teacher at Secondary School, Musician and Singer
Mathematics Department, University of Camerino
Montecosaro, Italy
"From Order to Chaos" is fully inspired by the logistic map, a non linear dynamical equation that clearly exhibits a route to chaos. The short film is a walk across the possible behaviors that can arise from a change in the value of a parameter r. Stable behavior gives way to period doubling cycles all the way to chaos. By passing through well-known bifurcation points, r becomes the red tape that binds together all the parts from beginning to end. Dancers embody the dynamical system features and use their all bodies to express artistically every system state. The soundtrack "Logistic Map Song" is entirely composed by using the logistic map equation, whose musical composition is presented in a short paper within Bridges Waterloo 2017 Proceedings.
From Order to Chaos
From Order to Chaos
Andrea Capozucca, Valentina Di Sante, Marco Fermani, Silvia Gambini, Simone Giorgini, RED SPOT Videomakers
The short film is part of FOTCAB Project, a huge maths communication project on complexity science and chaos theory. The project involve dance, music, juggling, visual graphic and mathematics , of course. The inspiration comes from the need to create an interdisciplinary field where mathematics and performing arts can figure out a mutually beneficial relationship. The uniqueness of this short film is in the innovative maths communication idea that lies behind it and in its capacity to lock together different skills and create new paths to knowledge.