Rashmi Sunder-Raj

Mathematical Artist
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
I wish to tie together as many ideas as I can manage into neatly presentable packages. I feel driven to find visual representations of ideas, likely in a misguided attempt to make sense of all things. However, whatever the motivation, some interesting results occasionally fall out, so I'm not going to complain about the time involved in such a quest...only about those who do.
Dodecahedrons and the Cairo Tiling
Dodecahedrons and the Cairo Tiling
This movie explores a link between dodecahedrons and the Cairo Tiling involving bent pentagons. It came about from considering how a cube can be placed into a dodecahedron, and what would happen if such cubes were placed together so that they touch, while allowing the surrounding dodecahedrons to mesh...that, and playing with folding paper strips and tying them into pentagons.