Georgia J. Maragkou

Professor of Mathematics
1st Junior High School
Skala Oropou Attikis, Greece

Let me invite you to a journey from the aesthetics of Art to the logic of Mathematics. Grasp the delicate light of the morning and feel the beginning of the day. As the power of the Greek sun surrounds us, let’s start collecting fruits from Pythagoras tree. I dedicate this presentation to my forefather CONSTANTINOS BRUMIDIS, from Filiatra Messinias, Greece, called the ARTIST OF THE CAPITOL as he was the historical painter, known and honored for his fresco work in the Capitol Building, Washington, DC and to the Portuguese actor, voice dubbing artist and lead vocalist ANDRÉ MAIA. As the students are overwhelmed by daily information, education has to be effective but also attractive, so in 2011 a MATHS LAB was also founded by me at the school.

47 x 69 x 22 cm
galvanized steel wire, super enameled copper round wire in reddish brown color, bare rose gold copper round wire, binding wire in deep green color, handcrafted sterling silver murano glass beads, fishing line, painted metallic label, MDF base.

I was inspired to create this 3-D handmade fractal structure by Pythagoras tree which is a plane fractal constructed from squares and it was invented by the Dutch Albert E. Bosman in 1942.The 3-D case is simply the 2-D case extruded. I’ve just added depth to the 2-D Pythagorean tree and after five iterations the fractal acquired this symmetric tree-like shape as the right triangles, traditionally used to depict the Pythagorean theorem, have equal sides. Although the beauty of fractals is now made tangible thanks to 3Dprinting, I insist on creating wire structures knitting them even in the end with wounded hands. I put decorative beads with a zigzag pattern in orange color that adds interest to the charm and keeps us motivated!!!