2018 Bridges Conference



Clifford Singer



Las Vegas, Nevada, USA



" I have selected curves of differential geometry as the basis for the art work. It is my idea to form the osculating ellipse of a sufficient plane curve by graphing parabola, cubic parabola, ellipse, limit point, bifurcation point, collinear points, asymptotic curves and straight lines. Osculating Ellipse at a Point on Space Curve, illustrates mathematical concepts by use of line, can be represented with parametric equations. Representation of the beauty in elasticity of geometry presents visual truths in pictorial field."


Image for entry '"Osculating Ellipse at a Point on Space Curve"'

"Osculating Ellipse at a Point on Space Curve"

45 x 45 cm

Ink on Vinyl

2018 ©

"I work with the one dimension of color, (that of value). Consider white and black, as there is an additive identity and additive inverse property between white and black that accordingly are color. White lines on a black field are expressions of a norm that borders between logic and the empirical to balance the spatial experience. The following list of color is present in this geometric work: black and white. Basically, black and white is visually dramatic for the picture field."