Corinna Beuermann-Kulp

Pädagogische Mitarbeiterin
Elementary School Friedland
37133 Friedland

In my freetime I create and sew unique mathematical geometrical toys for children 5 years old and older. Together with the mathematical institute of the university in Göttingen, I developed the "Kindergarten Koffer" - a suitcase with different puzzles: 8 mathemagic cubes, 1 Pentomino, 1 Sudoku, the magnetic dodecagon and the Maths Pie. I made many spheres with different tilings on the surface, and edge models from polyhedra. My hobby is sewing stellated polyhedra, quilts and other robust, elastic, haptic and soft toys/puzzles!
My circular quilt: "Da staunst Du - 29 Bauklötze!" was shown in Germany during the year of math in 2008.
I have enjoyed the bridges conference in Jyväskylä and Waterloo.

Der Musterfall. Ein Penrowsquilt.
Der Musterfall. Ein Penrowsquilt.
227 x 183 x 1 cm
cotton fabric, batting and thread

The patternfall. A Penrows Quilt.
A new interpretation for the Roger Penrose pattern: a Penrows Quilt. You can also add more rows to the pattern to expand the quilt. The quilt is completely symmetrical, rotating at 180°. Discover the pentagons and rhombs and pentagrams that formed Islamic patterns in the architecture of earlier times. And discover the Luther rose. It was the seal designed for Martin Luther and a universally recognized symbol of Lutheranism. In honor of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation by Martin Luther, who changed the world, I combined this rose with the Islamic pattern and Penrose tiling to unite the religions into a mathematical context.