Debanuj Chatterjee

PhD student (Physics)
Laboratoire Aimé Cotton, École Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay
Paris, France

Mathematics hardly fails to fascinate me. Art hardly fails to inspire me.

I combine specific ideas of mathematics and art to fertilize unique styles of mathematical art. I use algebraic equations often recursively to generate recognizable patterns and amalgamate it with symbolic and meaningful art-forms.

There is a story in every artwork. Go on, find it out!

A mathematical fertilization
A mathematical fertilization
20 x 30 cm
digital print on paper

The Collatz conjecture is one of the most simple conjectures in Mathematics. It states that if you start from a natural number n, and apply the recursion, n goes to n/2 if n is even and 3n+1 if n is odd, then after finite number of iterations you reach 1. This conjecture is still unsolved.

I have plotted the trajectories of different natural numbers using this recursion on a spiral number-line. It is an astral white blob.

The sperm cell on the other hand is a representation of human intelligence. It is approaching the blob(the conjecture) to fuse with it and give birth to a new kind of Mathematics that solves the conjecture.

About the Collatz conjecture, Paul Erdos once said "Mathematics is not yet ready for such problems"!