Juan J. G. Escudero

"… lines of flight, movements of deterritorialization and destratification…orchid and wasp: aparallel evolution of two beings that have absolutely nothing to do with each other…the two becomings interlink and form relays in a circulation of intensities pushing the deterritorialization even further…transversal communications between different lines scramble the genealogical trees…"

(from "A Thousand Plateaus" by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari.)

41 x 32 cm
Digital Print

The union of a configuration of six lines in the plane with the deltoid, which is the image under a certain map h of the border of the fundamental region F of the affine Weyl group of the root system A2, gives a planar curve C of degree 10 with only simple singularities. The curve is a maximizing curve in the sense of Hirzebruch ("Threefolds from solutions of a partial differential equation". Exp. Math. Vol. 26, pp. 189-196, 2017) and a double covering of the projective plane branched along C is a surface with maximal Picard number.