Walt van Ballegooijen & Hans Kuiper

The Netherlands

Walt van Ballegooijen and Hans Kuiper created together this piece of art about the Beatles.
Both are artists with an engineering background.
They were inspired by their own “Gödel Escher Bach object" with three hidden faces. Could they increase the number of faces? Yes they did.
Walt and Hans make their art to surprise the spectator.

Four Fabulous Beatles Faces in a 3D Object
Four Fabulous Beatles Faces in a 3D Object
30 x 30 x 30 cm
3D Print in Strong and Flexible Plastic

The Famous Faces of John, Paul, George and Ringo, the Fabulous Four, are hidden in this object. Walt and Hans developed a Minimal Art object with 577 cells of truncated octahedrons, and punched out 4x469 holes, to create the images of the four faces in Optical Minimal Art.
The photo above is taken from the object placed on a mirror.
There are several ways to display the Beatles object. One can view the black object against a white background from 4 different viewing points. Another way is to look at its shadow in four different orientations of the object. But the most spectacular way is to see the black object in one view together with its 3 reflections with the help of a configuration of 2 mirrors and a white lighted background.