Hogul Park

Director of Research Institute
4D Math and Science Creativity Institute

If we simply summarize human life, we can say it by repeating the process of putting "something" into the body and then sending it out again. “Something” is an energy source of various forms such as air, food, and light, and it repeats the circulation process, which is absorbed in the body and changed into another form.
This repetitive behavior, which begins at birth, is a one-dimensional representation of living, and it appears to be a dynamic movement in a vessel called the "human body". If this is the simplest representation of the act, wouldn’t it be the shape of the torus that is open upside down?

Story of the bottle containing energy
Story of the bottle containing energy
36 x 49 x 49 cm

A torus can be defined parametrically by

x(θ,φ) = (R + r cosθ)cosφ
y(θ,φ) = (R + r cosθ)sinφ
z(θ,φ) = r sinθ


θ, φ are angles which make a full circle, so that their values start and end at the same point,
R is the distance from the center of the tube to the center of the torus,
r is the radius of the tube.