Irene Rousseau

Artist; MFA, Ph.D
International Art Museums
Summit, New Jersey, USA

My story began decades ago. It is about my passion to understand structures and patterns found in the seen and invisible world. The insights I have gained underlie the conceptual framework for the body of my work. As an artist, I aim to bridge the disciplines of art and mathematics and metaphorically represent the concepts to create the art.

"Towards Infinite Smallness in Layered Space"
"Towards Infinite Smallness in Layered Space"
30 x 30 x 5 cm
acrylic paint on paper, pen and ink

The 3D hyperbolic paper sculpture is a disc composed of planes, each suggests negative curvature and represents the concept of infinite smallness contained within the bounding edge. Hyperbolic geometry can be represented as the points in a circular disc with hyperbolic distance defined. A hyperbolic plane has infinite structures within boundaries.
In my hyperbolic paper sculpture repeating patterns which decrease in size at the bounding edge metaphorically represent infinity. Symmetry is a transformation that preserves the distance as shown on the surface tiling patterns of the sculpture. The cut out areas reveal and hide a layer beneath the top surface of the sculpture. It is an intellectual game of hide and seek in a negative curvature.