José L. Rodríguez, Diego Cangas

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics, University of Almería

During the last 2 years, we have been developping NeoTrie VR. This is a new software for virtual reality (available for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive) that enables to create, manipulate, and play with 3D geometric objects, and 3D models in general.

We have used this software in maths classes to create and manipulate polyhedral surfaces, fractals, graphs, etc., together with some educational activities which are used in primary and secondary schools, and exhibited in science fairs and public events.

We never imagined how Virtual Reality could offer such an interesting and natural way of playing and learning 3D geometry.

Great Icosahedron in VR
Great Icosahedron in VR

Great-icosahedron made with NeoTrie VR. We used first the tools of "intersection point" by extending the edges of a dodecahedron, and adding the corresponding edges and triangles to get this known figure. One can enlarge the figure, color it as we wish, and walk into it, look at its cavities and interior.