Julia Handl, Marvin Dittrich, Jörg Arndt

Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm
Nürnberg, Germany

About the artists:
Julia Handl: the math-art girl
Marvin Dittrich: the design dude
Jörg Arndt: the math geek

When a math-art girl, a design dude and a math geek give plane-filling curves a good twirl, anything's possible. Light changes color, folds glow, math is fun.

Folding Light R10-22
Folding Light R10-22
20 x 20 x 4 cm
Poplar plywood, acrylic, veneer (walnut, cherry, birch), LED

The artwork is a lamp using LEDs, built like a glowing picture frame. The front shows four copies of a plane-filling folding curve on the square grid. Curves like this are generated by folding morphisms.
We describe the curve shown using Lindenmayer systems with maps L |--> L+R-L-R-L+R+L-R-L+R and R |--> L-R+L+R-L-R+L+R+L-R and use a rounding parameter of 1/2.
The four curves form a tile with two-fold rotational symmetry with the axiom L+R+L+R.
The curve at the top and the one at the bottom are omitted, the other two curves are filled with veneer (birch and cherry). The engraving indicates how the curves fill the whole plane. More information can be found in „Plane-filling Folding Curves on the Square Grid“ by Arndt and Handl.