Kenneth Brecher

Professor of Astronomy and Physics, Emeritus
Boston University
Boston, Massachusetts U.S.A.

I have developed a new object called the PiTOP or ΠTOP. It is a brass right circular cylinder with radius 1 inch and thickness 1/π inches. It is engraved on one side with the first 109 digits of pi in a spiral pattern of decreasing font size, along with the Greek letter π at its center. The object was designed to optimize its dynamical properties. When spun starting from an upright position, it will both spin and precess. As it loses energy to friction, the precession frequency increases, approaching a “finite time singularity” in frequency space. It also has the following novel feature: although one cannot square a circle with a straight edge and compass, the PiTOP cubes a right circular cylinder of radius r since it has volume r cubed.

5 x 5 x 1 cm