Laura Shea

Parker, CO

My work explores complex polyhedral structures and polygon formations stitched with beads and thread. The repertoire contains classic geometric forms, whole and partial frame polyhedra, regular tilings and tessellations. I connect the component forms at contiguous polygonal faces and edges to create chains, sculptural polyhedra and tilings. The open networks of tilings and frame polyhedra provide a magical space for light to play with crystal and glass beads scattering refracted light and creating intriguing patterns, both substantial and insubstantial.

Transforming the Great Rhombiscosadodecahedron
Transforming the Great Rhombiscosadodecahedron
3 x 3 x 3 cm
Crystal Beads and monofilament

Two equilateral Great Rhombicosadodecahedra--upper left: all 4mm edges (bead) length, second from the left: all 3mm edges (bead) length and two transformations. The transformation on the far right has 120 edges (beads) of length 3mm and 60 edges (beads) of length 4mm. The transformation second from the right has 120 edges (beads) of length 4mm and 60 edges (beads) of length 3mm. Because the smaller and larger edges are evenly distributed across each polyhedra the distortion (transformation) is not immediately discernible. The transformed polyhedral closely resemble the equilateral examples.