Martin Skrodzki

Assistant Professor

TU Delft

Delft, the Netherlands


When following a daily routine, Mathematics stays mostly hidden in devices, procedures, or timetables. Yet, when looking at the world with an eye that is open to see the footprints of this thousands years old science, most surprising results can be caught. This holds particularly true for mathematical geometries that are frequently used in architectural or product designs. Capturing these glimpses of "Geometry in everyday life" is a pleasure that enriches every step of my daily routine.


Image for entry 'Toronto Barbershop Icosahedron'

Toronto Barbershop Icosahedron

30 x 40 cm

Photographic printing


Passing a barbershop on a street in Toronto. It is high summer and the blue sky reflects in the window of the shop. The inside is barely visible. Are there people being served? Seemingly unaffected by gravitation, one - no - two icosahedra float in the air behind the glass. They spill their beautiful and precise geometry from inside the barbershop onto the hot asphalt and along the street, mesmerizing anyone passing by. Manifesting geometry in such an everyday act as a hair cut, they are silent and bright reminders of the Mathematics that is less visible, but still surrounds us.