Meg Taylor

Richmond, Virginia, USA

I am currently a high school student and began making mathematical art this past year in a seminar focusing on the connections between mathematics and art. While my experience with mathematical art began in an academic setting, I also love to create art and use it to explore new mathematical concepts on my own time. I do not work with any particular medium, though my art primarily revolves around repetition, particularly tiling, tessellations, and fractals.

Hive Mind
Hive Mind
12 x 12 x 14 cm
3D-Printed PLA

This sculpture is a three-dimensional configuration of a two-dimensional hexagonal fractal. The basic 2D shape is made of a repeated motif of a regular hexagon circumscribing three smaller hexagons that meet in its center. The motif is repeated for five iterations. This fractal pattern also creates an image reminiscent of Sierpinski’s Triangle. The continuing configurations of three hexagons create a triangular shape in the center of the large hexagon. Each smaller iteration then leaves empty spaces that form a empty triangles in the center of each iteration, mimicking the continual subtraction of triangles in Sierpinski’s Triangle.