Margaret Kepner

Independent Artist
Washington, DC, USA

I enjoy exploring the possibilities for conveying ideas in new ways, primarily visually. I have a background in mathematics, which provides me with a never-ending supply of subject matter. My lifelong interest in art gives me a vocabulary and references to utilize in my work. I enjoy expressing mathematical concepts through attributes such as color, geometric forms, and patterns. One format I have used in my work is the “artist’s book,” which can exhibit a wide range of physical forms and which allows images to be juxtaposed in various ways. In many cases, the viewer can interact directly with the book, experiencing it tactilely as well as visually. As books are opened up, new structures are created.

Gene Sequencing
Gene Sequencing
8 x 12 x 12 cm
Archival Inkjet Print

This is an artist’s book consisting of a long strip of printed paper, which can be coiled up in a round container. The subject matter is integer sequences -- their distributions and overlaps. For example, against a black background, the sequence of primes is shown as blue stripes appearing at 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, etc. units from the starting edge. Two other sequences are added in a similar way, using magenta and yellow stripes. The colors in overlapping stripes are blended to produce new colors. The Fibonacci numbers are indicated with translucent white stripes. These simple rules produce a lively “strip of stripes” allowing comparison of four integer sequences. It resembles certain scientific diagrams, as well as the paintings of Gene Davis.