Susan Happersett

Beacon, NY

My 20-year mission has been to introduce people to the beauty and grace I find in Mathematics through art. I explore the aesthetic qualities of mathematics through sequences, series and, mapping. I express my ideas in drawings, paintings, artist's books, and videos. Recurring themes in my work are the Fibonacci Sequence, Chaos Theory, the Cartesian Coordinate System, the Cantor Set, Self Similarity and Fractals. Crucial to me is that all my work is hand-drawn: I design the algorithm and then I execute it by hand. I am the computer.

Tumbling Cube
Tumbling Cube
29 x 29 x 29 cm
Laser print on paper

Tumbling Cubes are constructed using four of my Tumbling Squares paper sculptures. Each square consists of a single sheet of paper with a counted marking drawing that utilizes three sizes of grid scales. The drawing is a vehicle to express the concept of self similarity. Through a series of folds and cuts the squares pop out of the flat 2-D plane.