Shark Lin

Artist, Curator, Columnist
Taipei, Taiwan

I started to do the research of digital root since junior high school days, published a paper "Digital Root Patterns of Three-Dimensional Space" more than a decade since that time. To visualize the content of this paper into "Vedic cube series creation", I try to transform the mathematics to the artworks even though I graduated from engineering department.

The first work is "Digital Root Patterns in Vedic Cube" and the second one is "Symmetric Mirrors". The commonality of two artworks is to encourage the audience to experience and perceive mathematics by interacting with them. Besides art creation, I also curate exhibitions in Taiwan, which are "Polyhedron Making", "The Geometric Artworks of WU Kyun-Ying" and "Dimension of Illusion".

Symmetric Mirrors
Symmetric Mirrors
20 x 20 x 20 cm
acrylic and reflective materials

This work represents symmetric and reflective characteristics of digital root patterns in Vedic cube, and six symmetric planes (X=Y, Y=Z, X=Z, X+Y=9,Y+Z=9, X+Z=9) separate the cube into 24 congruent tetrahedrons. Vedic cube is defined as the layout of each digital root in a three-dimensional multiplication table, and further details can be found in my paper "Digital Root Patterns of Three-Dimensional Space".