Ulrich Seidel

Digital Artist
Mannheim, Germany

Abstract geometric patterns are fascinating with their symmetries. For me the most awsome patterns are tessellations with motives inspired by nature. I offer concepts of animation, transformation and metamorphosis that can be used to amaze people and bring them in touch with a message.

People worldwide love the feeling of being charmed by ornaments, colours and symmetries. It is amazing that complex shapes of real motives can be translated, mirrored or rotated so that they fit to each other.

60 x 60 cm

The bear population gets smaller and smaller and disappears in the center right before our eyes.
The hidden grid consists of multiple rings of Penrose darts and kites with a fivefold rotating symmetry. There are rings with five darts and rings with ten smaller kites in alternating order. Both rings together form one ring with five bear shaped heptagons. The direction of rotation changes with every ring. The grid can be considered as an aperiodic tessellation with just one type of polygon in different scales.