Eduardo Adam Navas López

University Professor
Mathematics Department, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of El Salvador
San Salvador, El Salvador

I am a Computer Scientist and enthusiast of art and computer graphics and interested in expressing the beauty of the universe through mathematics.

The gardener of Neruda
The gardener of Neruda
50 x 50 cm
Digital Print

This a garden of fractal plants surrounding a large square tree representing a Ceiba.

Technical description:

I have used four deterministic recursive algorithms that draw «branches that have branches». One of the algorithms divides its branches into two branches, another divides its branches into three branches, another into four and the last into five branches.

Each tree also depends on a position, divided branch angles, size, proportions between the branches and their daughter branches, the number of subdivisions (levels), relative positions of sprout of the daughter branches and color.