Maria Mannone

Artist, Freelance Math, Physics, Music, and Visual Art Researcher
School of Music, University of Minnesota, Alumna
USA / Italy

My work combines the classical theme of still life with parametric equations represented with Mathematica software. For each image, there is a code. The images have been superposed through Keynote. This work highlights how the mathematical investigation can bring new blood to classical themes, and how mathematics can always be a living being that inspires artistic production. This work may be suitable for students to show the variety of shapes we can get by changing a few parameters. Example: ParametricPlot3D[{1.2^u (2 + Cos[v]) Cos[u*0.3]*1.5,1.2^u (2 + Cos[v]) Sin[u*0.3]*1.5, (1.2^u Sin[v] - 0.01*1.2^u)*1.2}, {u, 0, 30 Pi}, {v,0, 30 Pi}, PlotPoints->30, Mesh->None, Axes-> None,PlotRange->All,Boxed->False], and coffee-tone ColorFunction.

Parametric Natura Morta
Parametric Natura Morta
22 x 32 cm
computer art

Mathematics is a way to see through nature; it is a way to think of nature.
We can see nature and derive math, but also we can do math and derive nature's shapes.
This "parametric still life" (still life = "natura morta" in Italian), where each image is defined by a parametric equation, may show that mathematics through art is not only... still living, but strongly living!