Fr. Magnus Wenninger

Monk (deceased)
St. John's Abbey
Collegeville, Minnesota, USA

(I am submitting this in connection with the invited paper session commemorating Fr. Magnus.)

Five Intersecting Cubes
Five Intersecting Cubes
29 x 36 x 36 cm
paper and glue

Fr. Magnus Wenninger O. S. B. (1919 - 2017) created many wonderful polyhedral models. This one shows five colored cubes whose vertices are also the vertices of a regular dodecahedron. Each of these cubes shares 24 symmetries with the dodecahedron. These form the five conjugate subgroups isomorphic to A_4xZ_2 in the entire symmetry group.
There will be an invited paper session Friday afternoon called "Polyhedra, Commemerating Magnus J. Wenninger." His work spurred a resurgence of interest in polyhedral geometry.