Artist and draftsman
Artist group "Bunte Armee Fraktion"
Mainz, Germany
I have been interested in the theoretical foundations as well as the philosophical implications of fractal geometry for a long time. My mathematical ability and my artistic talent are the basis of my films. Since I have also worked in the entertainment industry for a quite some time, the step towards combining fractal animations in music videos is only logical and consistent. I present my movies and printed still frames frequently in exhibitions and cultural live events.
secret alphabets
secret alphabets
soundtrack by holy orange
My video "secret alphabets" is a mathematical entertainment film without didactic claim, a 3d fractal music video. It contains clips from the past two years and is also animated by the audio input. Some of the most modern rendering techniques like motion tracking or volumetric light are used and it should be quite unique in the genre of fractal animations at the moment. Even if no mathematical connections are explained here, the film conveys the aesthetics of some mathematical systems very well. It represents a technical peak of current possibilities in the artistic use of mathematical systems.