Mike Naylor

Artistic Director, Matematikkbølgen
Vanvikan, Norway

I enjoy creating artwork that illuminates mathematical patterns, structures and connections. I wish for the viewer to be intrigued and then experience the thrill of noticing a connection or idea, so that someone willing to think for a moment about the artwork will be rewarded with a positive and satisfying experience.

Abacaba Machine
Abacaba Machine
37 x 33 x 66 cm
Laser cut wood, machine screws, electric motor

The balls falling through the machine flip levers and roll down tracks to land on a xylophone, playing a piece of music in the fractal abacaba pattern. This pattern models counting in binary from 0 to 127. The first note, A, is played every second note, the next, B, is played every fourth, C is played every eighth and so on.

The melody plays the notes ABACABADABACABA etc. at the rate of 4 notes per second, continuing an entire octave until the pattern is reset and begins again on the 128th note.