Andreia Hall

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics, University of Aveiro
Aveiro, Portugal

I am interested in linking mathematics with art using different mediums. I use patchwork and quilting techniques to reproduce mathematical elements, such as fractals, symmetry and anti-symmetry groups, Apollonian circle packings and Voronoi diagrams. The present work explores a regular grid composed of squares that undergoes a rotational perturbation in the center.

Viva Louma
Viva Louma
107 x 58 cm
Silk and cotton fabrics

Viva Louma consists of 78 square pieces made from fabrics (pearl silk on one side and plain colored cotton on the other), folded using origami to produce flower-shaped D4 rosettes. These rosettes were placed regularly to form a 6x13 rectangle. However, the central rosettes were rotated producing an intriguing perturbation.
The 3-dimentionality of the rosettes allows the observer to explore different color intensities. The front view shows almost no color while the side views reveal the hiding strong colors. Furthermore, Viva Louma explores a smooth change in colors along the whole color palette.
This piece was inspired by the Opart works of the Hungarian artist Victor Vasarely and by the British mathematical quilter Louise Mabbs.