Anika Harper

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

I am a student who enjoys math, art and programming. In addition, I often combine these three things by programmatically generating mathematical art. I am also interested in using geometry, algebra, symmetry groups, and some other areas of math to assist with creating art.

Pyrentagonal Concurrence
Pyrentagonal Concurrence
30 x 30 cm
Digital Print

This artwork is made up of 2 main groups of ‘pentagon rings’ (rings of pentagons which each share an edge with two others) - the outer (red) ones and the inner (yellow) ones. Like a circle of flames, the overlap between the rings creates a pattern of varying light levels, with areas furthest from the main ‘flame’ being the darkest and reddest.

I created this piece while exploring the patterns which can be created by looking at where shapes overlap and where vertices are shared. The dots indicate the points of concurrency - that is, points where lines or curves intersect. Two line segments meeting is represented by a red dot while three or more line segments meeting is represented by a white dot.