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Collective Citizen Art Project
Collaborative Research Centre, Discretization in Geometry and Dynamics
artists from all over the world

In our citizen art project "Polytopia -- Adopt a Polyhedron" we aim to realize models of all combinatorial types of polyhedra and to engage the general public in the process of doing math through art. The participants of the project "Adopt a Polyhedron", give it a name and build a model from a paper template. In the next step they can build their own artistic model from a material of their choice. Pictures of these models are uploaded to our website where a gallery of the polyhedra forms.

The Population of Polytopia
The Population of Polytopia
40 x 40 cm
Alu dibond print

This picture is a composition of all the 230 models that have so far been contributed to the project. The models are made from paper or various materials, like putty, clay, or even chocolate ice cream.