2019 Bridges Conference

Barbara Lichtenegger


Barbara Lichtenegger

Artist, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education

Private University of Education, Diocese of Linz

Linz, Austria




My early interests in both disciplines, Arts and Mathematics, resulted that I decided to study these subjects at university. Since then, I have focused on various scientific and artistic projects addressing these two areas. For example, last year, I earned my PhD in mathematics education and I also exhibited numerous oil paintings in a large solo exhibition. The submissions for the Bridges conference combine my topics of interests: (i) Natural Science, Mathematics and (ii) Arts, Painting


Image for entry 'Grandmother'


60 x 80 cm

Oil on canvas


As an artist with plein air and studio practice, I highlight the importance of value relationships in defining lightness and darkness within a composition. In this work, I transformed my oil painting on canvas into a 3D printable model. In addition to the real world (version 1) and the oil painting (version 2), I realized this third representation using mathematical considerations and supported by technology. I believe that this work represents Mathematical Arts and is a real light painting because its composition is only visible if the painting is held against light. More details about the concept are presented and published as paper at the Bridges conference 2019 (title: “Light Painting: Visualization with and through Light").
Image for entry 'Light painting "Grandmother" 1'

Light painting "Grandmother" 1

19 x 25 cm

3D print called light painting


Additional info

At the Bridges Conference, I plan to present 3D prints of different sizes and materials. I consider all of them as light paintings because the compositions are only visible if the prints are backlighted. The created models were modified in a coordinate system with a 3D printing software to control material, speed, and printing duration. For these adjustments, mathematical skills helped me to define each needed layer and to improve the printed results. In other words, using mathematical strategies and latest technology in this way can further explore the Impressionists’ goal to depict the world in innovative ways. This shown installation includes a lamp that provides bright light and makes the portrait with the flower vase appear.