Ben Fritzson and Uyen Nguyen

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Ben Fritzson has been an origamist for nearly thirty years. Most of that time has involved learning complicated representational models and teaching the art to others. Their own original designs tend toward abstract geometric structures such as tessellations. More recent collaborations with artist Uyen Nguyen have further refined those tendencies resulting in increasingly intricate structures with more explicit mathematical foundations.

Dualing Pentagons
Dualing Pentagons
60 x 60 x 4 cm
Stardream paper mounted on Perspex

Dualing Pentagons is a composition of six origami corrugations that were designed using the method described in our 2018 Bridges paper "Origami Explorations of Convex Uniform Tilings Through the Lens of Ron Resch’s Linear Flower" by Uyen Nguyen and Ben Fritzson. Each primary colored work uses one of the three pentagonal Catalan tilings for its simple units; each complementary secondary color uses the corresponding dual Archimedean tiling.

Red, yellow, and blue use the prismatic, Cairo, and floret pentagonal tilings, respectively. Green, purple, and orange use the isosnub quadrille, snub square, and snub trihexagonal tilings, respectively.