Liliya Chernysheva

Mathematics and Computer Science Department, Albion College
Albion, Michigan, USA

Originally from Russia, I am an undergraduate college student at Albion College majoring in mathematics and chemistry. I enjoy making art as a hobby. My favorite media to use are pastels, printmaking and recently digital apps. In the near future, I am hoping to go to graduate school in environmental engineering with a focus on water remediation. As for art, I have plans to write and illustrate several graphic novels and continue to practice my skills in printmaking and pastels.

Topology Class
Topology Class
25 x 50 cm
Digital Drawing

This drawing represents a professor teaching topology and demonstrating how a coffee mug is topologically equivalent to a donut. At the same time, the professor is a donut holding a coffee mug in its hand. Our mathematics department is notorious for drinking a lot of coffee and eating too many donuts, which is why I decided to combine our passions for math, caffeine and sugar in a single drawing.