Clifford Singer



Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


It is my intent to provide a pleasing lyrical geometrical abstraction with defined mathematical lines. Singularity in terms of mathematical curvature enables my work to advance the schematic diagram in art for the integration of line within the painting. Osculating section of circle and of tangent curve interprets the visual concept of singularity. The collinear points on the lines emphasize the complex integration of line. In terms of color, this painting is bridged between being both a black and white painting; and a pure color painting using two primary colors. The colors yellow and blue are derived from Kandinsky's book, 'Concerning the Spiritual in Art'. The Blue circle section shape is intended as an Homage to Ellsworth Kelly.


Image for entry 'Singularity'


40 x 50 cm

Digital Print on vinyl

2018 © ®

This print is made from the original painting, acrylic on canvas measuring 72 inches x 100 inches.