2019 Bridges Conference

Corinna Beuermann-Kulp


Corinna Beuermann-Kulp



Friedland, Germany




In my free time I create and sew unique mathematical geometrical toys for children 5 years old and older. Together with the mathematical institute of the University in Göttingen, I developed the "Kindergarten Koffer" - a suitcase with different puzzles: 8 mathemagic cubes, 1 Pentomino, 1 Sudoku, the magnetic dodecagon and the Maths Pie. I made many spheres with different tilings on the surface, and edge models from polyhedra. My hobby is sewing stellated polyhedra, quilts and other robust, elastic, haptic and soft toys/puzzles! My circular quilt: "Da staunst Du - 29 Bauklötze!" was shown in Germany during the year of math in 2008. I have enjoyed the bridges conference in Jyväskylä, Waterloo and Stockholm.


Image for entry 'Der blaue Vogel / The Blue Bird'

Der blaue Vogel / The Blue Bird

169 x 163 cm

cotton fabric, batting, thread, embroidery threads


I sewed the quilt by hand in the technique "English Paper Piecing". For that I used only one template: a pentagon. Three of these pentagons form a hexagon. These hexagons are sometimes rotated 180 degrees. So a parquet has been created from these three-part hexagons. Depending on how the pentagons are colored, I recognize "big hexagons" (sunflowers in yellow, orange and pink). They are associated with green "squares" (leaves) and red "triangles" (poppies). I designed the border mostly with "triangles". The hidden blue bird is a reminder of the importance of freedom of the press. That's why the quilt has the title "Der blaue Vogel / The Blue Bird". The embroidery on the sunflowers and the blue bird originated in 2015.