Erika Balogh

Artist, Graphic Designer, and Educator
The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Edinburg, Texas USA

In my most recent works, I study the connection between art and mathematics. I am fascinated with abstraction. The focus of my exploration is to illustrate geometric and irregular shapes and the patterns created by their repetition. I am captivated by the endless possibilities and the exquisite perfection of the completed designs.

"Equilibrium #1"
"Equilibrium #1"
50 x 40 cm
digital art

Our life is made up of man-made and natural elements. The geometric designs - made by rectangle, circle, and square shapes - represent man-made creations. These shapes have perfect, uniform measurements and give a sense of stability and rigid structure. In contrast, the irregular curvilinear shapes illustrate nature. Equilibrium created by juxtaposition of geometric and organic shapes and the combination of both: fill organic shapes with colorful geometric patterns. My designs show an inseparable bond between man-made and natural.