Walt van Ballegooijen & Hans Kuiper

The Netherlands

Walt van Ballegooijen and Hans Kuiper created together this piece of art.
Both are artists with an engineering background.
This piece of art is a continuation of our earlier work, in which we created three and later four hidden images.
Walt and Hans make their art to suprise the spectator.

"Six Horses in a Caroussel"
"Six Horses in a Caroussel"
21 x 35 x 1 cm
3D Print in Black Professional Plastic

This piece of art contains six hidden images.
The Minimal Art Object is made up of 361 multi faceted cells, specially designed for this purpose. Each cell is punched out 6 times. Each punch contributes one "pixel" in a 361 pixel Optical Minimal Art Image.
In a display with two mirrors, placed in a 60 degree angle on a lighted background, all images can be seen from one point of view.The six images together form a larger coherent image of six black horses walking around in a caroussel.