Hans Kuiper

The Netherlands

My art work is based on tessellations, deformation of tessellations, infinity images, 3D minimal objects and optical minimal art. I use my own algorithms to derive my art work. For 3D printed objects I use Rhino.
The purpose of my art is to surprise the spectator.

"Conformal Chessboards in a Crop Field"
"Conformal Chessboards in a Crop Field"
30 x 60 cm
Land Art

This is the largest piece of art I ever made. This art work is part of a project "Tribute to M.C. Escher in the Grain". Seven Dutch artists made 8 creations of land art. This project was part of Leeuwarden, Fryslân, Cultural Capital of Europe 2018.
My contribution is based on two distorted chessboards, fused together in one object. It just fits in a 142 meter diameter circle.