Hogul Park

4D Math and Science Creativity Research Institute
Guri-si, South Korea

20 years since I entered the world of the architectural shape. I came to meet 4DFrame, one day at the beginning of the 21st century. As the world becomes more and more complex, we live in a world where we are asked to know and understand better things that are not visible than those viable. It is a very challenging task to have them understand those not visible about what they are, even sometimes hard to explain those visible to them. Furthermore, it is much harder to explain the highly equipped with the technology of 3-dimensional structure to people so that they understand it with ease. It is 4DFrame that I made while I was struggling with how I can solve the problem.

Divided icosahedron filled with healing for mankind
Divided icosahedron filled with healing for mankind
32 x 32 x 32 cm
4Dframe (polypropylene)

The model, which consists of each twenty equilateral triangles of purple and yellow, represents a divided icosahedron. It is also an expression of the two-level model before the expression of the six-level geodesic phrase.
The straight lines that can be made in Step 6 are curved, which is actually curved surface rather than a plane, so it is actually expressed smaller than the angle shown in the plane.
It implies a desire to heal and recover the wounds of all mankind, to fill up positive energy and to desire promise of a bright future.