Ingrid Graz

Assoc. Prof.
Institute for Experimental Physics
Linz, Austria

I have always been drawn to graphic arts and the power of patterns to create an image. My research as physicist made me rediscover intriguing patterns in failed samples.

Lost Examples
Lost Examples
210 x 297 cm
Paper, ink, photograph

As a physicist working of skin-inspired electronics I spend lots of time preparing samples. Many of these samples are failures and lost for science. Surprisingly these failed samples are extremely colourful and exhibit fascinating patterns thus resembling pieces of art. Their colors and patterns correlate via simple mathematical formulas with thickness and/or stiffness of the layers forming the skin-inspired electronic device. This work combines graphical art and microscopy images, where the skins of the animals hidding in the jungle are substituted by the images of failed samples. The samples are "lost" in the jungle allowing the animals to blend in.