Ingrid Wangsvik

researchers and beaders with the Contemporary Geometric Beadwork team."
Contemporary Geometric Beadwork
Kristiansand, Norway

Ingrid Wangsvik is a professional musician, a teacher, and a core member of the
global, open-source Contemporary Geometric Beadwork research team.
Her artistic expression is original and colorful, shown in wearable pieces of art. In recent years she has focused on precision geometric and architectural beadwork. Her colours and patterns are inspired by the nature that surrounds her in her native Norway.
Ingrid has come to the US twice under stipend from the CGB team to participate in intensive discovery sessions, and each of the pieces shown here feature her expression of one of the breakthrough ideas our collaborations fostered.Ingrid’s work is unusual in that it is both structurally and mathematically precise.

Geometric Capture HyperLoop neckpiece
Geometric Capture HyperLoop neckpiece
4 x 55 x 3 cm
Glass beads

This HyperLoop neckpiece is a beautiful example of one of our most current discoveries; Geometric Capture of an energetic, curling line.
Our team has been exploring what happens when we put the energy of “not fitting” into one or more of these lines or edges; if we add more beads than a flat edge can hold, we see a ripple. We adjust this ripple, this frequency, with the nature, placement and pattern of the increases we place.

In this case, Ingrid formed her edge into hexagons and squares, separated by straight lines, and she fixed each step of the curl into that space. The necklace can fold into a flat stack of loops or into a lovely ball, and is easy to wear.

Asymmetric Waves Bangle
Asymmetric Waves Bangle
10 x 8 x 7 cm
Glass beads

The creation of this asymmetrical Rick-Rack Bangle is a model of another moment of discovery for our team, when we realized that a technique we showed in 2011 was the answer to a 2018 question.
The overlapping rings of waves were built from loops thrown out from the first ring, and each wave was crafted in place. To create the asymmetry, the increase beads (a slightly different bead placement and stitch) was placed off-center when the ring of beads was cast out.
As the lines are worked into fabric, that initial geometric information propagates into an actual wave-form.
Some people say that they see mermaids, rising from the sea, in each peak of the outer ring here, but Ingrid did not place the beads with that thought in mind.