Joke van Biesen

Contemporary Geomatric Beadwork Team
Hilversum, The Netherlands

Each project I make is part of a learning process in which I use all sources of inspiration like nature, architecture, graphic art, glass blowing art, geometric patterns, mosaics, tiles etc.
I am a great admirer of jugendstil and art nouveau, especially of the harmony and flow of curved, often asymmetrical lines.

I very much enjoy to experiment and I'm eager to continuously study and explore the never-ending possibilities of combining architecture and graphic designs.
My goal is to create my own recognizable identity as an artist.

The whole process of making Triangula was an exploration of movement as well as a research project for a functional construction, combined in a balanced composition with a morphing pattern. Functional and aesthetic with linear elegance.
I used a folding pattern developed by Ron Resch.

The foldable parts are made of galvanized silver beads, to accentuate the mechanism and to give them an industrial look. They can become different from each other by folding them up partially or totally, or flat.
In a way to add excitement to the design I made an asymmetrical pattern that morphs with the nearest triangles in different hexagons, creating a balance between similarity and contrast of the elements in which none of the elements is dominant.

Lorenz Attractor, the Butterfly Effect
Lorenz Attractor, the Butterfly Effect
13 x 20 x 2 cm
Delica Beads

This rendition of the Chaos Butterfly Graph consists of two partly overlapping commas in which the spiral continues underneath the overlap. To make this slightly visible, I used transparent beads in the overlapping part.

There are five different shades of white in the background of the spiral, shown in concentric circles.

I used a kind of Fibonacci sequence to make each comma, based on tailoring two hexagons, each composed of 6 triangles with structural increases.

To capture all the facets of the Lorenz system I added a detail with a butterfly, escaping with flapping wings.