Joo Kim

Associate Professor
University of Central Florida
Orlando, Florida USA

There is a strong connection between the mathematical sequence and the composition of artwork. As a graphic artist, I am interested in creating pattern design from nature by using mathematical concepts such as Golden Ratio and Fibonacci sequences. The variety of shapes, sizes, lines, textures, and colors are essential components of my work that allow me to express my concept visually. I also try to make the interdisciplinary concepts in my creative work metaphorically.

Rhythms in Nature
Rhythms in Nature
56 x 56 cm
Mixed Media

The current work “Rhythms in Nature,” I focus on a variety of shapes and sizes, and the continuity of the curved lines to represent the patterns in nature. I picked the colors from trees, green and brown. However, I tried not to show the symmetrical balance through rotating and translating the lines and shapes but I applied the mathematical concepts such as Fibonacci sequence and Golden Spirals to present the rhythmic movements through the curved lines.