Josep Tarres

Project coordinator Mobile Numbers Technology initiative
Girona, Catalunya, Spain

I have interests in engineering applied to STEM didactics. Therefore, I am involved in creating objects that have a geometric background with educational math content. They have to be beautiful in order to be appealing to everyone.

Equally-linked 6L tetrahedron
Equally-linked 6L tetrahedron
32 x 38 x 32 cm
Mockup. White plastic balls, wooden rods and yellow paper.
Sculpture 2019 (work in progress)

The equally-linked 6L tetrahedron is conformed by the classical elements as 4 vertices, 6 edges, 4 faces and 1 cell: all of them are equally linked 6 times with bars (each one of 3 elements) either linear, circular or triangular. The equally linked property can be extended (3L, 7L tetrahedrons...). There is, "Art and Math Using an Equally Linked Tetrahedron", a short paper with presentation by Bridges 2019.
The present sculpture is a mockup, most bars are shown; in fact, there is a beautiful starry shape on the inside of the tetrahedron.

Hexaract, 6-cube
Hexaract, 6-cube
35 x 35 x 35 cm
Transparent plastic, wooden cubes, steel rods.
Sculpture 2008, 2019

Hexaract is a 6-cube. Transparent plastic in the outside and small wooden cubes in the inside with steel rods between them. Symmetries everywhere.