Kris Empting-Obenland

Singen, Germany

Kris Empting-Obenland is a trained fashion designer and passionate beading artist. Tiny glass beads, thread, and needle, that's the material she's working with. Several stitching techniques help her to create fanciful shapes and complex constructions. Numerous working hours go into every piece since she's processing one bead at a time. That's how her one-of-a-kind wearable art comes into being. Her work has been published in several international books and magazines.

4 x 28 x 28 cm
glass seed beads, thread

This piece originates from a creative phase of playing with interlinked cubes. While several other works from that period show a very mathematical optic in first place, this one represents the fusion of math with the organic textures of the traditional Havaiian flower wreaths called LEI.

19 x 19 x 19 cm
plastic beads, monofil fishing rope

The equilateral triangle is the most attractive geometrical shape for me. The tetrahedron seems to exponentiate this attraction. When I found images of 5 interlinked tetrahedra I couldn't help myself but try to translate what others accomplished in origami into my medium: tiny beads! And as far as I know that has never happened before...