Marie-Renée Laurent

Retired electronic engineer, artist
La Buisse near Grenoble France

Fascinated by the mystery and beauty of nature, and in particular by its mathematical and geometrical characteristics, I try to show my sensitivity and my inner questions through the creation of objects which demonstrate these concepts.

My preferred tools are fractal art, amazing polyhedra, geodesic structures as well as tensegrity.

I also like transgression, and often build collapsible objects, which should not formally be so! Decorative stars are a good example of this.

tensegrity football
tensegrity football
29 x 29 x 29 cm
glass, jewellery accessories

I love to mix various technologies, such as tensegrity and polyhedrons, and also various materials. So I present here a truncated icosahedron build with 30 laboratory glass stirring rods, who do not touch each other. They are roped together with jewellery necklaces at their extremities. The necklaces represent the truncated icosahedron.