Lisa Giles

Sydney, Australia

Origami is central to my art practice, it provides an opportunity to explore mathematical patterns using an almost endless number of structures. I have found the repetitive nature of folding multiples of a single structure to be both meditative and mindful. The use of these structures has enabled me to work in the areas of Artists Books, sculpture and jewellery. I am drawn to working with structures made from circular papers rather than square papers; it provides unlimited opportunities to explore the beauty of curves. The use of circles allows me the possibility of exploring theoretical content including geometry, common sectors, slices, segments, quadrants, radians, and formulas for calculating the area of a sector.

A Synthesis of Sectors
A Synthesis of Sectors
9 x 43 x 43 cm
160gsm card stock

A Synthesis of Sectors reflects my fascination with using circular paper with Origami. The structures produced have curves that provide a very different set of aesthetics. They also allow exploration of theoretical content including geometry, quadrants, radians, and formulas for calculating the area of a sector. Each of the 100+ circles used in this piece utilises a Miura-fold which is a series of parallelograms that when folded into a sheet of paper, give that paper some mechanical properties that are determined by the fold pattern. The prototype of this piece used uniformly sized circles. By utilising digital fabrication I produced a more complex piece as each circle within the structure is slightly larger than the proceeding circle.