Michał Wojciechowski

Professor of Mathemaics
Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences
Warsaw, Poland

I am mathematician specializing in the field of functional analysis. In my studies I am sensitive to the beauty of mathematics and I am more than happy to share it. However most of the beauty of mathematics is hidden behind several layers of abstraction, which makes it unapproachable to the general public. Sometimes the beauty comes out on the top and becomes accessible to everyone. I am keen to share these rare situations which can fascinate anyone.

Borsuk Trumpet Polyhedron
Borsuk Trumpet Polyhedron
30 x 50 x 25 cm
metal, cardboard, epoxy resin

It is the model of the smallest polyhedron which could be embedded in three dimensional space, homeomorphic to the Borsuk's Trumpet - (the simplest contractible topological CW-complex which is not collapsible - it is also called dunce hat). It consists of 9 vertices,19 triangle sides and 27 edges. It is made from metal bars (edges), epoxy balls (vertices), cardboard (triangles) and office clips. I have made it together with my brother during the last summer vacation. From available materials (partially recycled!) but... it really drows attention!