S. Louise Gould

Professor Emerita
Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, Central Connecticut State University
New Britain, Connecticut, USA

My mathematical art grows out of my experiences with my students and my explorations of mathematics, textiles, paper, and technology. I enjoy working with computer controlled machines such as the computerized embroidery sewing machine and the Silhouette Cameo (plotter cutter) as well as traditional looms and knitting machines.

It’s All Squares: The Truncoctahedral 4^5
It’s All Squares: The Truncoctahedral 4^5
23 x 25 x 28 cm
Wool/Rayon felt with rayon embroidery thread

This pseudo-Platonic infinite polyhedron with five squares at a vertex is different from Cubical 4^5. Although five squares meet at each vertex, the dihedral angles differ and the spaces separated by the surface are not congruent. There are 120° and 90° rotational symmetries. One side of the surface has a chamber formed by a truncated octahedron 4.6.6 with its hexagonal faces removed joined to hexagonal prisms with square faces. The other side of the surface is small chambers (cube with adjacent triangular prisms and joint faces removed) connected by tetrahedral tunnels. These chambers, shown in the model by the colors of the faces, reveal the chiral structure of the model and show that the overall construction of intersecting “spheres”.